Greg Norman may have retired from the PGA Tour in 2009, but he hit a hole in one this week when asked about Donald Trump's efforts to cut government red tape.
Last week, Khalid Masood, a British-born jihadist, ran over innocent people in London and then stabbed a police officer to death, before being killed by police. Where is Khalid Masood’s soul right now? Presumably, he thought he was taking a shortcut to paradise.
As the White House reboots for "Trump 2.0" after a largely unsuccessful first two months, one lesson should be obvious: The radical, polarizing politics of the campaign trail don't work well in governing the country.
New York's Charles Schumer, boss of the Democrat minority in the Senate, is clearly under great stress, allegedly having screamed at a woman in a New York restaurant.
Jeanine Pirro, host of "Justice with Judge Jeanine" on Fox News and an old friend of Trump's whose support for his candidacy was about as nuanced as a horse head in your bed, suggested that Trump was beguiled and seduced by Ryan.
Trump was a team player on a bill that didn’t contain the one element he knows would reduce health insurance costs.
Perhaps a respite from the ceaseless quote mining of holy texts that all too many people use as a basis for making a point about a contemporary issue is in order.
Georgetown University's Qatar campus is set to host Sami Al-Arian for a lecture in Doha. According to the school, Al-Arian is a "civil rights activist" who hopes to challenge students to "make it a better, and more equitable and peaceful world." Those are charitable descriptions for Al-Arian,
Every earthquake that killed every single human being who died in a large seismic event in Greater Los Angeles in the last three quarters of a century — 262 individuals — struck like clockwork within the same three hour window, either at dawn or at dusk.
The height of human blindness is to glory in being blind; to reject the truth when you are staring right at it. Many people today do not want to see. They have eyes, but they see not. They prefer to tailor the truth to serve their own selfish purposes.
Healthcare illustrates why the U.S. has been ineffectual and gridlocked. There is no point in assessing blame for how the Trump administration and the Democratic congressional leadership have reached a state of hostility. Deescalation will take time. This is war.
As a New York City taxpayer, is it too much to ask that my city government leaders focus on the safety and wellbeing of law-abiding residents rather than illegal immigrants with criminal records?
Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., rolled-out the replacement healthcare bill, without using regular order. Trump fully took it over. It’s not the president’s job to perform heavy lifting, it's Ryan’s. Speaker Ryan has no understanding of his role. If Ryan is to survive he had better assert himself.
Canada's quota-based immigration system was recently hailed by center-right French presidential candidate (and former Prime Minister) Francois Fillon as a shining example on the global stage.
There's stumbling out of the gate, and then there's what Republicans just did on health care.
Before the American Health Care Act, aka "Ryancare," was pulled off the House floor Friday, it enjoyed the support — of 17 percent of Americans. Had it passed, it faced an Antietam in the GOP Senate, and probable defeat.
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, in his press conference following the demise of his bill to replace Obamacare, blamed Republicans who had failed to grasp that the GOP was now a "governing party."
Here is what we know about Donald Trump with less than 70 days into his presidency.
Congress should pass the Email Privacy Act and the International Communications Privacy Act, two popular bipartisan bills that restore privacy and protect American companies.
North Korea has ballistic missiles capable of reaching parts of the United States.
The Raider's move is to the nation’s 40th TV market, but the team owner, who may believe his own hype, assures the NFL that Oakland and Los Angeles fans will fly in for games. We’ll see, but I’m betting more will be saying good riddance.
According to a Daily Beast report later over the weekend, Nunes went off the grid that night to meet a source and view dozens of intelligence reports, including accounts of meetings involving President Donald Trump's advisers.
Albany, N.,Y. politicians can eliminate billions of proposed pork, reallocating those funds to relieve county governments of Medicaid costs. Reallocating is simple. But it requires political backbone. Sadly, Albany’s packed with spineless wonders more concerned with donors and cronies.
What can be understood from the collapse of the Republican’s attempt to deal with healthcare?
Let’s treat healthcare as we do other market-based insurances. Does that mean older and unhealthy people should pay more? Absolutely. Different criteria determine different financial outlays, and that’s the way it should be.
A statement about journalism today. The press has gotten away from its traditional job of just telling readers what the news is. Its new, self-appointed role involves advising people how they should feel about the news and how to get away from it.
Throughout the past week Gorsuch consistently set forth the fact that his role as a judge is to interpret the law not write it. Gorsuch will be confirmed.
The Democrats simply cannot accept that Donald Trump is president, that the bureaucratic/welfare state is being rolled back and, best of all, that we will Make America Great Again.
President Trump, having failed to close the deal to replace Obamacare, has set his sights on tax reform, which he considers an easier issue to tackle. He’s hallucinating.
We have become used to the type of slaughter that occurred March 22 in London.

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